Great night for Local 302

It was a clean sweep yesterday. All of our candidates won their primary except Superior Court. Won: Supreme Court Justice, Both Council seats, both County Commissioners, Sheriff, and Coroner.

Our friends were extremely appreciative of our support at the polls. We were told last night by one of the candidates “Thank you. I have your backs!” This is why we need help at the polls, we have a big impact and candidates know it.

Special thanks to Retired brother Kresege Sr., Retired brother Held, and brothers Eddleman, Groller, Richetta, Bolton, Wentz, and Pierce. Your presence was huge and your support is what makes this possible.

In the Nov. general, we could possibly be facing a referendum, if passed, will require deep cuts to our budget. We will need a lot more help at the polls. Politics are not fun but it impacts all of us whether you agree with it or not. All of our successes as a union is due to having friends in the right places. We need all of our member’s support to continue this progress.

Again, great day yesterday, and thank you to those who support our PAC fund and those who man polls.

In Solidarity,

Local 302 Executive Board