Healthcare Deductions

Hi Everyone,


I wanted to let you know the errors in Eden have been corrected to the correct bi-weekly deduction as per the CBA.  However, since we had Eden Payroll issues the first deduction was not taken out on the pay of 01/15/21.  Including the pay of 01/29/21, we have 25 pay periods left this year.  I have spread the missed deduction over the 25 pays so it’s going to be a couple of dollars more.  Here are the bi-weekly deduction amounts for the remainder of the year:


  • Employee Only        =        $29.12
  • Employee/Spouse    =       $58.24
  • Employee/Child       =       $38.38
  • Employee/Children =        $47.78
  • Employee/Family     =        $68.64


I also ran a report in Eden to confirm the names below were the only ones that had an incorrect bi-weekly deduction the pay of 01/15/21.  There were a total of 10 firefighters, all with the employee/family plan, that had a deduction of $30.46 instead of $66.  So they do not end up overpaying I adjusted their deduction for the pay of 01/29/21 to $38.18 and will begin the correct deduction of $68.64 the pay of 02/12/21.  Here are is the list of firefighters:


  • Kevin Baer
  • Trevor Beers
  • Andrew Drake
  • Jonas Gostonyi
  • Dustin Grow
  • William Held
  • Chad Long
  • Michael Machette
  • Aaron Pychinka
  • Michael Zellin


Have a good weekend.