Help at The Polls

 Tuesday is election day and we need help at the polls. This is an extremely important election year for Local 302. Our friends who help secure funding, protect Act 111 and workers rights, and help to give Allentown Fire Fighters a voice on the state and Federal stage are facing serious opposition. If the opposition candidates win we will no longer have representatives that will stand up for us. I promise you they will only care about their crazy anti labor or anti public safety agenda. We need you to come out and represent Local 302 at the polls and show support for candidates who will support us and answer our calls day and night. This is how we will continue our growth in strength, safety, and numbers as Allentown Fire Fighters. Supporting candidates who support us allows us to secure funding for special teams equipment, new apparatus, and negotiate good contracts. We need members
 to staff both morning and afternoon polls. This is it, this is how we stand up for our needs as Allentown Fire Fighters. Don’t assume that someone else will do it, come out and help. Text or call Perreault (484)892-1787 for details and availability.