Honor Guard Update

**LOCAL 302 staff….please send a text blast out for everyone to check their city emails for these updates, or share this to a union email.​​**
I spoke with head of Frederick County, MD honor guard.  He is managing the logistics of the services.  This is a HUGE undertaking, so a lot of information is coming together in stages.  I will keep updating as I receive more information.
**NEW INFO ** There has also been a request by family for casket/urn watch for FF Zach Paris’s private viewing this Wednesday, December 14th from 0900-1100.  It will also be at NW Lehigh Middle School.  If there are any guys available to help with that, text me at 610-751-2703.  Ideally, they would like 2 FF in 15 min shifts.  If we do not get enough people, then we can make do with 1 per 15 min.  We are also reaching out to the other locals and to the county FDs.  I am not in charge of setting time slots at this time.  If there is only a specific time you are available, then let me know.  We will do the usual Class A with white gloves and badge band.  The Frederick County group is not arriving until Friday, with exception of the commander, who is coming Wednesday morning.  They are looking for people from local departments to help out for this one.
For Saturday………
Casket watch will take place from 0800-1400.  I am told they will be utilizing 4 FF every 15 min (2 FF per casket/urn.  This is a long time frame to fill.  Someone from the MD honor guard will be assigning time slots.  I will just be providing a list of available members and times they are available.
I was told they will have an area to change, and a rehab/food area for everyone.  Before the Wednesday and Saturday services start, he said we will all go over how to enter and stand guard.  If you come late, we will make sure we go over everything with you.
This event is expecting 5,000+ people.  
I have listed the people that have contacted me so far below.  If there is a specific time slot you are only available for, PLEASE let me know so I can send that to them.  I would imagine we will have time slot assignments by Friday.  Anyone else available to help for EITHER day, text me and let me know so I can send the list to the coordinator. Thanks.    -Lt Trumbore
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