Hurricane Ian: Member Assistance

 All members must notify President Warmkessel if interested.  You would need to use your own time.  Union would provide mileage for the vehicle and a per diem of 50$ per day per member.
Only respond if you are willing to be on the road in the next 36 hours and are willing to be away for a total of 7-10 days.  Please read the email from the IAFF carefully as to what you would be responsible for taking.
This help would be targeted to IAFF members impacted by the storm.  From speaking with leadership that is a large number of people.
If there is interest I will handle filling out the request form and coordinating with the team and IAFF.

The IAFF is assisting members and families impacted by Hurricane Ian, as well as working with affiliate leaders whose members were in the storm’s path.

We have established disaster relief operations in Bonita Springs and Tampa, with IAFF staff on-site to help members. A separate email has been sent to potentially affected members with a dedicated phone number they can contact for assistance, including supplies, behavioral health support, access to work crews, and financial assistance for catastrophic damage to homes.

If your members are interested in responding to the region to provide assistance, the IAFF is coordinating member support. Do not self-deploy. Please complete the Member Assistance Team form here. You will be contacted with a response assignment after your form is received.

Member Assistance Teams should:

  • Consist of a 3-4 person work team
  • Provide your own reliable transportation
  • Provide your own tools
  • Bring 3 days of food and water
  • Bring your own bedding – the IAFF will help to arrange accommodations in the area

Resources are scarce in the impacted area, along with widespread power outages. Please plan accordingly to avoid straining local resources.