Kiskeravage Funeral Details

I wanted to send an email out regarding tomorrow’s service for on-duty personnel.  Fire administration has agreed to put the city out of service between 0900 and 1300 for all members to attend.  There will be an engine from Easton, Bethlehem, and Emmaus along with Catty’s Ladder and Rescue in the city with radios covering the city and in communication with BC Lenig who will remain in charge of the city.  If needed on duty personnel will be requested to respond as per BC Lenig.


We will need E10 and T2 (new one) cleaned and to the intersection of 18th and Turner at 0800 for the procession and flag raising.  All other on duty apparatus will arrive at 0900 and park on Turner between St. Cloud and 17th backing in towards 18th.  These roads will all be closed.  FF Wentz will oversee staging the vehicles please find him if you have a question.


On Duty personnel should wear class B with badge and thin red line badge cover.  Lt Trumbore will be there with badge covers if needed.  If you are participating as Honor Guard your class A with badge cover shall be worn.  If you are on duty and would like to wear your class A that is fine as well.  All uniformed personnel and their family will be sitting on the left side of the church.


If you have any questions, please reach out to me or the Honor Guard squad.

AC Eharth  – Cell: (484) 223-7788 Email: [email protected]

FF Wentz – Cell: (484)-560-1285 Email: [email protected]

Lt Trumbore – Cell (610)-751-2703 Email: [email protected]