Kiskeravage Honor Guard

There has been some confusion about sign-ups for urn and door watch at Kiskeravage’s service on July 12th.

ANY AFD active or retired member can do urn or door watch. It is not just for “honor guard” people. We will provide a quick training session before you stand watch. This is why we ask you to arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to your time slot.  You must have your Class A uniform with white gloves and badge shroud. Look over your uniforms NOW and make sure they look presentable.

We may also try to set up a longer training session one or two days before to go over all the movements.

Also…..when you answer the questions about urn watch on the sign up link……

If you select that you are available the entire day, the question after that asks you to fill in what times you are available. In that slot you would just type in “AVAILABLE ANY TIME”.  If you are not available all day then type in the specific times you can help out.

Parking is going to be in the Fairgrounds lot. We will not have a separate lot for guys doing honor guard. It is only a half-block walk to the church.

Thank you. Any other questions please contact myself or FF Wentz.

-Lt Trumbore

FF Wentz – Cell: (484)-560-1285 Email: [email protected]

Lt Trumbore – Cell (610)-751-2703 Email: [email protected]