Local Makes a Difference at The Polls

 Thank you to the following members for helping, or offering to help, the Local makes a difference at the polls: Leroy Bachert, Chris Groller, Jody Mongolitz, John Hammel, Jason Tatum, Zach Shepard, Lloyd Evans, John Eddleman, Tim Bruce, Chad Ege, Devin Grow, Bob Xander, Joe Kemmerer.
 Without your help, we would not have been able to make a big impact. We did just that yesterday. Pete Schweyer needed our help and we showed him and others watching, that Local 302 is a strong ally and will come out big for our friends. We made a significant impact in the polls no matter what happens. Pete is extremely grateful and will always be loyal to us. This is how we grow our Union as well as our Department.
 You, the members of Local 302, are our strength and without your support, we would not be able to demonstrate our resolve.
Thanks again to all of those who answered the call. We look forward to having more members come out in the future and help in showing that Local 302 is a must-have friend to get elected.
 We will post updates to our election results as they become more clear.
 Next up the Mayoral race in 2021.
Thank you,
Adam Perreault