It has been brought to my attention that at city-wide meetings there have been discussions and concerns that AFD, APD, AEMS are not complying with the mask-wearing in stations as well as in the public at times.  With some asking that discipline be used to have us comply.


I encourage all of you when making contact with other city employees or the public to please wear your mask.  If a city employee or the public enters a firehouse do one of the following.  Avoid the area that they are operating in if you have no reason to be in contact with them or don one of the masks provided to you by the city.


To be clear I do find irony in the fact that City administrators who regularly ask us to work in unsafe conditions( equipment, PPE, and manpower) question our actions in our living spaces with regards to masks.  Fire Administration has communicated a message that we are very proactive and responsible for sanitation and protection.


Thank you as always and reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Jeremy Warmkessel

President, IAFF Local 302