Mayoral Election Help

 This weekend has just become even more critical. We found out this morning that the mail-in ballots are being sent out Friday. That makes Saturday in the Southside even more important to get out. If you’re working nights please come in early. If you are off please dedicate some time to help with the Local’s efforts to get Ray re-elected.
 It is imperative we get out this Saturday to get our message out. As of now I only have one member commit to Saturday.
 We will be targeting mail-in voters only. This is important we get our message out. We are looking at 2,143 votes being cast by Tues. That is approximately 25% of the projected total votes.
 We understand that personal time is valuable but what we are facing is a battle for the future of Allentown and our working conditions. Again I’m not exaggerating. The group that is looking to shape the direction of the City is fixated on two things…themselves and their personal agendas. None of which sets forth a pro-growth future.
 Come out Saturday, for only 3 hours, to help the Local secure the City’s and our future.
 Saturday 12-3 meet at Mack South.
Call Perreault to join us Saturday
484 892-1787
Thank you