New Guys and Old, This is we Continue our Progress!

 We are a week out from election day. This is the day we show our support to our friends. This year our current political allies helped us secure multiple streams of funding, political appointments, and key legislation.

 These allies once again helped us secure funding for gear and equipment. Our friends worked with us to ensure Bomb Squads across the state were included in the funding of the Fireworks bill. Believe it or not, they were an afterthought and it took the work of our political team as well as political allies across the state to not only get the Bomb Squads recognized but a reimbursement of 500k.

 Local 302 was able to create and get appointed to a seat on the State Fire Advisory Board. This position makes sure our voices are heard in issues pertaining to statewide fire issues, not to mention access to the State Fire Commissioner and more frequent access to the Governor. This is a huge first for us and would not have been possible if we weren’t out there standing side by side with our political friends.

 Each year we grow and continue to build relationships, relationships that turn into friendships. To do this we need you to help us show them we are who you want as friends and we can do that by getting their message out at the polls. Those who have worked the polls know how much of an impact we have and how much our friends appreciate it. That’s where we have the most impact and that’s why our allies help us grow. Gone are the days of “Hey give the Fire Fighters what they need because they are Fire Fighters” we have to make our voices heard and this is how we do it.

Come out and help us man the polls for our friends Tuesday, Nov 8th morning 0730-1200 (or when poll slows) afternoon 1400-closing (or when polls slow) After party to follow. Contact Perreault for availability and Tee-Shirt.