Political Season

 We’re back in the political season. All that has transpired over this summer from COVID, de-funding Police and local protests, to a major storm, show us how important it is to support our political friends.
 One such friend is State Rep. Pete Schweyer. Pete has been instrumental in rebuilding our fleet and securing funding for various equipment needs. He faced a challenging primary season which is still carrying on in the court system. We cannot afford to lose his experience and influence in Harrisburg. The City’s political landscape is changing and our friend’s political opponents are not going to be helpful for us at the state level.
 With that said, starting next week I am in need of help putting out yard signs for Rep. Pete Schweyer. We did it during the primary and his campaign was extremely grateful. Please come out and help us get Pete re-elected. The more members we get out, the faster and easier it is.
Thank you to all who have supported our political efforts. Your help is what builds our Local and Department.
Please contact Adam Perreault (484) 892-1787 for availability and additional info.