Special Meeting & Election Slots Open

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Attention Local 302 Members

In Accordance with Article 4 Section 2 of the Constitution and Bylaws, there will be a special meeting on Monday, November 2nd, 2020.

The purpose of the meeting is to give an update and discuss contract negotiations.  The meeting will be held at the American Legion Post 576 at 1615 Sumner Ave. at 1330 and 1615 hrs


A contract ratification vote if necessary will be held on November 9th, 2020.  The voting will take place in the Union Office from 1400-1830 hrs.


302 Election Slots Open For November 2nd

10:00-12:00- Hammel

12:00-14:00n- A. Pychinka

14:00-16:00 -Kemmerer

16:-18:00 -Dev. Grow

18:00-19:30- Zellin