Clean Sweep

 We had a clean sweep last night. All of our candidates were either elected or re-elected. This is important for us, as Allentown Fire Fighters, because our position as a voice for Fire Fighter issues on the state and federal level is stronger.
We showed our friends yesterday and throughout the election that we will always be there. They saw Heldy, Jody, Shep, LJ (Leroy’s replacement plan), Macabee, Wentz, Easy E, Pedro, Retired Guy Kresge Sr., and Dusty Bones Bob X standing at the polls for their campaigns. Not only that, they knew about Heldy s Swan Song fire and were extremely thankful as well as impressed that we were still out supporting them.
 Thank you to all who have manned a poll, past, and present, we know it s not easy and sacrifices are made to be there. Your sacrifice is what makes our brand strong.
This is what it takes for us to continue the progress. This is what it takes for Allentown Fire Fighters to have the loud voice we deserve. Your dedication to our Local is what it takes for all this to happen. They know who we are and they hear us.
In Solidarity,
Local 302 Executive Board