Come out and show your support


  It’s that time again…Primary election season. As always, this is when we show our political friends that we appreciate the help they give us when we need new equipment and grants, helping us to do our jobs safely and expand the Department. Those of us who served under a hostile administration understand how far we have come and what it takes to never go back. We’ve achieved this accomplishment by standing with our friends and community and building a strong reputable brand. By continuing to endorse, vote, and provide campaign manpower support, we show everyone that IAFF Local 302 Allentown Fire Fighters are good allies to have in your corner.

Come out Tuesday, May 17th, and help us at the polls. Those who have helped in the past realize that it is a good way to positively engage the citizens of Allentown and promote Local 302.


Morning shift 0700 to about 11 or when it slows down

Afternoon shift 1500-2000 or again, when the polls slow

Don’t assume that we have enough help. The more help we get the less each guy has to stand at a poll. We will provide yellow Local 302 t-shirts for election day.

Contact Perreault (484)892-1787 for more information.

Posted are the candidates we have endorsed locally for Pa Senate District 16 (Pat Browne), new Pa Senate District 14 (Nick Miller), Pa Legislative District 22nd (Saeed Georges) and Pete Schweyer’s new Pa Legislative District 134. As always vote for your beliefs. These are our endorsements based solely on Fire Fighter and labor issues.

Thank you,

Local 302 Executive Board