Election Day Tuesday April 23rd

The Pa Primary is next Tuesday, April 23rd. Our candidates list is small this time around, two to be exact. We met with a few candidates for State Attorney General and Treasure. The two we are endorsing, we have long standing relationships with at the Capitol.
Our State Treasure candidate is the current House Majority Leader Ryan Bizzarro. Ryan has stood with us on everything from Paycheck Protection to current legislation like PTSI Workman s Comp and PFAS. Time and time again he has proven to be a man of his word, always standing with Fire Fighters.
Jared Solomon is our candidate for State Attorney General. Jared is the current Chair of the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee where the majority of Fire Fighter bills pass through. Jared and his team have been instrumental in getting PTSI and PFAS to the finish line this session. Both of those bills have been stuck in limbo for over six years. With Jared’s dedication to our health and safety and his team’s legislative expertise, we are almost there.
Both candidates have been there and continue to be there for us, it s our turn to be there for them. We know they will always advocate for Fire Fighters no matter where their path takes them.
With all that said, we need your help next Tuesday manning the polling stations. Morning 0700 to 1130ish Afternoon 1530 to when the polls slow. We will get together for lunch at noon. Polling station locations will be handed out when the schedule and roster are complete.
For further information contact Joe Hottenstein
In Solidarity,
Executive Board