Election Results update

Election Results update

Good morning. As the fallout of mail-in ballots starts to settle we have a more clear picture of our most important race.

Pete Schweyer 12816

Write in 2709

Thanks to the support of our members who came out to the polls to aggressively support Pete, he was able to hand the write-in candidate a crushing defeat.

The PAC fund was instrumental in his overwhelming win. The last week leading to the election, we were able to send a mailer to Republican and Independent Super Voters highlighting his support for Fire Fighters. We’ve been told that our mailer was instrumental in his election day voting numbers. We were able to show how valuable we are to campaigns if candidates are valuable to us. More importantly, we highlighted that we are dedicated friends and in that world, it’s a rarity.

In just a few short years our PAC has propelled us into a “Must talk to” organization if you want to win. That is what we have been working towards and will continue to solidify our standing locally as well as in the state.

We helped Pete retain his seat which will help us continue our positive growth through state funding. Now we need members who were unsure of the PAC fund to donate. We have been able to get things done for the Department because of the PAC fund. Please help us continue our growth and donate to the PAC.

Next up, the most important race for us… the 2021 Mayoral race. We are going to need a lot of members to step up to the plate and help us at the polls getting our Mayoral candidate a win. This time we covered the Southside, next time it is citywide. Please help us out. With all the crazy names out there we are going to need to stand solidly behind our candidate. We have a strong relationship with our current administration and it has produced, ie. contract, increased manpower, new equipment, and Truck.
This is due to our advocacy and the PAC fund.

The PAC fund gives us a voice. If you already donate thank you. If you are not a donor please consider helping us and donate.

Thank you,

Adam Perreault