There were 81 Votes

80 Yes Votes

1 No Vote

To be clear I do not need to hear feedback on your opinions.  Read the info and make your own decisions.

Jeremy Warmkessel
President, IAFF Local 302


Executive Board passed a vote allowing members who are quarantined to email either President Warmkessel or Secretary Custer empowering a member to cast a vote in their place.
The person casting the ballot will sign the sheet and fill out the ballot.
Jeremy Warmkessel
President, IAFF Local 302
Presidents Video explanation to be on website Sunday morning.
Attached are the following:
    Election Ratification vote posting (4 days starting Sunday for 4 hours per day)
    Memorandum with details
    Email from HR regarding benefits
Executive Board will be on hand to conduct the voting.



Here are the documents from the Meeting. There are links to the Documents for download and a Reminder below.

Benefit Side by Side

Memorandum of Agreement 

Memorandum Of Agreement

Benefit Side by Side Document

Click on the links to download the Documents.



A contract ratification vote if necessary will be held on November 9th, 2020.  The voting will take place in the Union Office from 1400-1830 hrs. You can vote while on shift.


 Thank you to the following members for helping, or offering to help, the Local makes a difference at the polls: Leroy Bachert, Chris Groller, Jody Mongolitz, John Hammel, Jason Tatum, Zach Shepard, Lloyd Evans, John Eddleman, Tim Bruce, Chad Ege, Devin Grow, Bob Xander, Joe Kemmerer.
 Without your help, we would not have been able to make a big impact. We did just that yesterday. Pete Schweyer needed our help and we showed him and others watching, that Local 302 is a strong ally and will come out big for our friends. We made a significant impact in the polls no matter what happens. Pete is extremely grateful and will always be loyal to us. This is how we grow our Union as well as our Department.
 You, the members of Local 302, are our strength and without your support, we would not be able to demonstrate our resolve.
Thanks again to all of those who answered the call. We look forward to having more members come out in the future and help in showing that Local 302 is a must-have friend to get elected.
 We will post updates to our election results as they become more clear.
 Next up the Mayoral race in 2021.
Thank you,
Adam Perreault
 Tuesday is election day and we need help at the polls. This is an extremely important election year for Local 302. Our friends who help secure funding, protect Act 111 and workers rights, and help to give Allentown Fire Fighters a voice on the state and Federal stage are facing serious opposition. If the opposition candidates win we will no longer have representatives that will stand up for us. I promise you they will only care about their crazy anti labor or anti public safety agenda. We need you to come out and represent Local 302 at the polls and show support for candidates who will support us and answer our calls day and night. This is how we will continue our growth in strength, safety, and numbers as Allentown Fire Fighters. Supporting candidates who support us allows us to secure funding for special teams equipment, new apparatus, and negotiate good contracts. We need members
 to staff both morning and afternoon polls. This is it, this is how we stand up for our needs as Allentown Fire Fighters. Don’t assume that someone else will do it, come out and help. Text or call Perreault (484)892-1787 for details and availability.