Those attending the Pratt viewing/service on Thursday 6/22:

Calling hours are 09:30-11:00. Service will follow (unk how long). Our casket watch will start 15 min prior to actual calling hours so the watch is in place before people start coming through.

Pallbearers: Procession to Highland Park Cemetery after service.

When arriving at LifeChurch (1609 Trexlertown Rd, Macungie), turn into the parking lot and follow the road left and around the back of the building. This will lead you to their large grass/stone overflow lot. Please park there. There is an entrance by that lot on the North side of the building for you to use.

Those doing casket watch please try to arrive at least 30 min before your time slot so we can go over the proper casket watch movements.


It was a clean sweep yesterday. All of our candidates won their primary except Superior Court. Won: Supreme Court Justice, Both Council seats, both County Commissioners, Sheriff, and Coroner.

Our friends were extremely appreciative of our support at the polls. We were told last night by one of the candidates “Thank you. I have your backs!” This is why we need help at the polls, we have a big impact and candidates know it.

Special thanks to Retired brother Kresege Sr., Retired brother Held, and brothers Eddleman, Groller, Richetta, Bolton, Wentz, and Pierce. Your presence was huge and your support is what makes this possible.

In the Nov. general, we could possibly be facing a referendum, if passed, will require deep cuts to our budget. We will need a lot more help at the polls. Politics are not fun but it impacts all of us whether you agree with it or not. All of our successes as a union is due to having friends in the right places. We need all of our member’s support to continue this progress.

Again, great day yesterday, and thank you to those who support our PAC fund and those who man polls.

In Solidarity,

Local 302 Executive Board

Tomorrow is election day and we still need guys. It would be great to get some new guys out to connect with the community as well as help out the Local and the department. We need the old guys too. Come out a help protect our safety and working conditions.

Contact Perreault (484)-892-1787 for details.

In solidarity,

Local 302 Executive Board 

Once again we’re up against it with our candidates. We have two Council people we need to retain. 

With that said, we need your help to man polls Tuesday, May 16th. We will need to fill two shifts morning and afternoon. The morning will be from 0730 to 11, we’ll meet up for lunch at noon, the afternoon will be from 3 to 7ish. The more guys we get the less time individuals have to man a poll. It would be nice to see new guys come out and see what we’ve been doing to make sure our jobs and safety are protected.

We all need to invest our time in holding on to our friends who make decisions that affect our working conditions. We are one bad election away from having to defend our benefits.

Call Perreault (484)892-1787 for details. 

Thank you,

Local 302 Executive Board

Here we are, another year and another parade. This Sunday, March 19th is the Allentown St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We are once again marching in the Labor Union division.

For all those who have never been, it is a great time. We will be providing Guiness Chili and drinks. Our brothers and sisters of the Trade Unions provide a variety of food and drinks as well.

This is a great time to show your Local 302 pride while having fun. Families are welcome and encouraged. The parade can become a fantastic family tradition.

Sunday, March 19th 11:45ish to finish around 4. Enter the fairgrounds off Chew St,
Ritz entrance. Parking will be across from the Fairgrounds Market entrance closest to Ritz. Wear your Local 302 St Paddy s shirt. Please contact Perreault (484)892-1787, to let him know you’re attending and for any questions.

We look forward to seeing you,

Executive Board

 Attached is the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Allentown and Local 302 IAFF with regards to the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act.
 If you currently have a medical card or are prescribed one in the future any urinalysis that shows positive for marijuana will be treated as a negative test.
 We are currently working on a exact procedure for the member to file their card with the appropriate person, but until then if you test positive you will have to produce your medical card.

The list below is off and will have their W2’s sent in the US mail. All other members should be picking up their W2 while on shift at Central. If there are any questions please contact Fire Admin.

Vincent Kidd
Jonas Gostonyi
James Alpha
Adam Arndt
Jeremy Bellois
Matthew Dunfee
Dave Arner
Jason Custer
Adam Banotai
William Gauntner
Michael Pychinka
Roger Scheirer
Jarrett Gayl
Christopher Gerencher
William Held
Bryce Thompsen
James E Mcguire

 The Family memorial service for Herbie Miller will be this Saturday, January 28th from 11:30-1300. We will have 1 member standing guard by the urn every 15 min.
It will be at Morgan’s Restaurant at Cedar Crest and Willow in South Whitehall. It is in a banquet room there so I am not sure how it will be set up at the venue. If you are available for a time slot, text me 610-751-2703 (Lt. Trumbore). So far, I have Wentz down for 11:30-11:45 slot.
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Meeting #1

 Local 302 4th Batt Informational Meeting
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Subject: Local 302 2nd Batt IAFF Informational Meeting
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