Form Description File

Firefighter Fill-in & wage reimbursement

To be filled out when working Union overtime.


Vacation Change Request

This form is needed to change your vacation

Authorization for Medical Information

This form authorizes medical information to be released to the city due to injury

Report of Safety Violation or Unsafe Condition

This is the document to report a safety violation, hazard, unsafe condition or practice

Accountability Tag Request Form

Fill out both sheets of this document to update or request another accountability tag

Medical Certification
(NEW FEB 2010)

This form should be filled out by your doctor every 30 days to receive sick benefits

Supervisor’s Injury Report

Self Explanatory

Heart & Lung

To receive benefits under Heart & Lung Act

Report of Occupational Injury or disease notification

Pension Request Form (FEB 2011)

Form to request pension

ICMA Change Form

A simplified form to change ICMA contributions

Request for Travel

Request travel for training

Military Request Form

Form to request military leave

Application for Special Organization Registration Plate

Form needed to apply for a “Professional Fire” (PF) license plate.
Local 302 Grievance Form Form needed to file a grievance


Military Pension Buyback Use this document to figure out how much it will cost to buy your military time

Military_Buyback_2017 Prescription Order Form Use this form if you want to use to have your prescriptions mailed to you. This is an editable PDF that can be typed on then printed.


Purchase of Service Credit Packet Guide to purchasing service credit and repaying prior service refunds from a defined benefit plan