We’re having an impact in helping to get the Mayor re-elected. It is all do to your support. Thank you to all of those who have been helping out and we are still in need of member participation. We are just under 2 weeks away from election and want to finish strong finish strong. This weekend we’re moving over to the Eastside to spread the word. We’ve-designed our handouts to increase our effectiveness. 
The new design has our logo and a quote supporting the Mayor. Those who have been helping know when we leave Ray lit the voter doesn’t know that Allentown Fire Fighters dropped it off. The new design will fix that. Our community truly respects us and wants to support us. This is why we are effective.
We are in need of members to come out, Sat 11-2 rally point will is TBD on the  Eastside, to help us get Ray re-elected. 
Contact Perreault
 Please Share Mayor OConnell’s new FB campaign add
 Mayor OConnell has a new campaign video on his campaign Facebook page.  Please visit and share the video. Let s help him get his message out. Thanks again for your help.

The Mayor had a good day yesterday in the media. We were able to help him navigate the City Garage labor dispute and he had a successful Mayoral debate.

We are still in need of members to come out tomorrow and help knock doors. It is not as annoying as it sounds. Our dedication to the citizens of Allentown does not go un noticed and when we knock doors we are welcomed which has a huge impact in campaigns. Please come out tomorrow, the next 2 Saturdays and election day to help us get Ray re-elected.

Tomorrow 11-2 Southside, rally point TBD.

Contact Perreault
484 892 1787

Thank you

 Thank you to Nate, Chad, Leroy, Adam  A., Petrusky, Sterner, Jodi, Heldy, Worm, and John Christopher for coming out last weekend. Everyone there knows how much that meant to the Mayor, it was a strong showing. Special thanks to Leroy for opening up his house as a rally spot, much appreciated.
 We are in desperate need of guys this Sat 11-2. Those who were there last weekend will notice a change in the time. This might help us get a few more answers. We need to keep up the strong door-knocking campaign. It is extremely valuable and effective. Please come out and help us get Mayor O’Connell re-elected. Everyone should know how important this is. We need your help to get it done.
 We encourage new guys to get out with us to see how important these campaigns are to the Local. It is also a good way to get to know the citizens and streets of Allentown.
 Thanks again and we look forward to another strong showing.
 Contact Perreault with your availability
484 892 1787

Thank you to all who committed to tomorrow and the rest of this cycle.

Tomorrow we will be meeting at Leroy s house @ 1130. Park on Moravian st.

3029 Moravian ave Allentown pa 18103

We will discuss the areas of interest, handout packets, and instructions. Wear whatever Local 302 Firefighter shirt you Have.

Our participation leading up to and on May 18th will be key to the Mayor winning re-election.

Thank you,


 This weekend has just become even more critical. We found out this morning that the mail-in ballots are being sent out Friday. That makes Saturday in the Southside even more important to get out. If you’re working nights please come in early. If you are off please dedicate some time to help with the Local’s efforts to get Ray re-elected.
 It is imperative we get out this Saturday to get our message out. As of now I only have one member commit to Saturday.
 We will be targeting mail-in voters only. This is important we get our message out. We are looking at 2,143 votes being cast by Tues. That is approximately 25% of the projected total votes.
 We understand that personal time is valuable but what we are facing is a battle for the future of Allentown and our working conditions. Again I’m not exaggerating. The group that is looking to shape the direction of the City is fixated on two things…themselves and their personal agendas. None of which sets forth a pro-growth future.
 Come out Saturday, for only 3 hours, to help the Local secure the City’s and our future.
 Saturday 12-3 meet at Mack South.
Call Perreault to join us Saturday
484 892-1787
Thank you
Here we are, 1 month out from the most pivotal Mayoral election we have ever faced. By now everyone should realize what is at stake if Mayor OConnell loses. 
Everything we have worked for all of the new equipment, Special Teams funding, budget season support and friendly collective bargaining will go away if we don’t pull through with with the Mayor. This isn’t even an exaggeration. Everyone should know that Public Safety budgets will take second seat to empty Social Programs. We were gutted during Pawlowski and will face type of self serving politicians that will absolutely use Public Safety budgets as their piggy bank.
We can stop this but we need your help. We need guys out this Sat. April 24th 12 to 3:00 to help target mail in voters on the Southside. Please don’t assume someone else will do it, call me and help out. We need everyone to respond. We are going to need guys on Sat the same time every weekend leading up to election day. The next 2 weekends we will focus on mail in voters which is a small list but critical.
Election day is Tues. May 18th I will need everyone to show up and help us work the polls morning and evening shift. This is a City wide election  so that is a lot of polling stations. Ask the guys who have done this before, it is not terrible.
Please help the Local retain all we have worked hard for, the fights we have faught and won, the position of having our voices be heard. This can only be done by you helping to get our message out that We Support Those Who Support Fire Fighters. We stand with
Contact Perreault to sign up
484 892 1787
Thank you,
Adam Perreault

Dear Friends,

I am proud to inform you that IAFF Local 302 Allentown Firefighters will be hosting its
2nd annual Welfare Fund/Community Project Golf Tournament. The tournament will
be held on Saturday, June 19, 2021, at the Allentown Municipal Golf Course with
food provided by Jack’s Slice.

On behalf of Local 302, I am asking for any support you or your company could give as
a tournament sponsor. All monies raised will be split into two distinct funds. Half will be used
by Local 302 to assist with supplemental insurance for our oldest retirees. The second half will
be used in community projects throughout the year. These projects include initiatives such
as feeding children in a firehouse every Friday, back-to-school supplies, coat donations in
the winter, youth athletic association donations, cancer research, and many other
initiatives throughout the year.

As Allentown Firefighters, we provide Firefighting, Technical Rescues, and Emergency
Medical Services to the citizens of Allentown, as well as all of its visitors. But some of the
greatest impact we make is assisting the community through our outreach projects.
If you are unable to be a sponsor, we hope you, can find a few friends and play, or any type of
donation would be appreciated to use as a raffle item. It’s sure to be a fun day! Hope to see you

• Food Sponsor: $2,000.00 (includes 4-some)
• Beverage/Prize Sponsor: $1,500.00 (includes 4-some)
• Putting Contest Sponsor: $500.00
• Hole Sponsor: $200.00
• Tee sponsor: $100.00

o All checks can be made payable to: IAFF Local 302 by June 1, 2021
o Mail checks to: Jason Tatum
3956 Walbert Ave
Allentown, PA 18104

o All questions should be referred to

Jason Tatum or Mark Kresge Sr.
484.866.1606          610.737.4210

2nd Annual Local 302 Allentown Fire Fighters – Registration Form

 Lehigh Valley P4P Boxing, Inc (#LVP4P) is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2018 by Paul Pinnock, who saw Boxing as a tool to keep kids off the street, as it did for him and the many that contribute to the program. He utilizes his personal time and individual efforts to create a second home for local Allentown, PA youth. The organization began as a P4P Boxing Club, but something much greater has been envisioned, something much more profound, so a team has been formed to make this vision a reality. #LVP4P focuses its efforts on building a “Youth Center”, which will not just facilitate a physical outlet to underprivileged and troubled youth, but also enrich their mind, and change their misconceptions about life and society, which in turn would open up windows of opportunities.

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of retired Allentown Fire Inspector Art Kline, Jr.


 Arthur D. Kline, Jr., 86, of Allentown, died on Thursday, February 25, 2021, at Lehigh Valley Hospital, Salisbury Twp. He was the husband of Linda M. (Snyder) Kline. The couple would have celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on July 9th. Born in Emmaus, he was the son of the late Arthur D., Sr. and Cora (Laubach) Kline. Arthur was a Firefighter for the City of Allentown for 28 years, retiring as an Inspector in 1991. He was a volunteer with the American Red Cross for 40 years where he was a member of the Disaster Team for 10 years. Arthur was a member of the F & AM Greenleaf Lodge #561 in Allentown and was a member of the Hillbillies. He was a Naval Veteran serving during the Korean War, earned 5 Merit Badges with the Boy Scouts, and was a member of the National Campers Travelers.

Survivors: Wife, Linda; Daughter, Tammy E. Polczynski and her husband Werner; Son, Richard Kline; and Grandchildren, Zachary, Travis, and Nicholas Kline.

Services: Private, Arrangements by Bachman, Kulik & Reinsmith Funeral Home, Allentown.

Contributions: In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Shriners Hospitals for Children at www.shrinershospitalsforchildren.org.


To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our Sympathy Store.